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Value Tracking is Painless, You're Welcome!

Richr platform tracks super investor portfolios (via deep web and data mining techniques) and provides A.I. based analytics and stock ranking solutions. The first release of the app intently focuses on the information aspect (i.e. portfolio snapshots of 50+ top value investors in North American market).

Progressive updates to the app will expose more features incrementally, which include (but not limited to): algorithmic stock ranking, stock selection based on 10+ value investing techniques, DuPont analysis of assets, and available derivatives and possible trade combinations (with upside, downside calculations) available.

Value Investor Listing Value Investor Listing Value Investor Listing Value Investor Listing iOS

Making the Cut

Building and sustaining your value based portfolio benefits greatly by tracking against some of the most successful. Richr currently tracks 50+ value-centric investors, their current holdings and update's routinely. However, comparing holdings is only part of the story. Using the advanced portfolio visualizer with our secret sauce based on a highly integrated funky predictive analytics you will be well on your way to matching if not succeeding the rest.

Search the list of Value Investors by name, company or last updated. Quickly working the list down to the portfolio that most interests you. Then tap the investor of interest and get the digital gold on their portfolio!

Value Investor Listing Value Investor Search Portfolio Detail Asset Detail Android

Just the Facts

Hiding the complexity of algorithmic analysis is the minimalist UI. Keeping it simple is intentional and will continue to be the touchstone we use as new features are suggested, passionately discussed and integrated. We are all about the facts, just the facts. Two or three taps and your fingers will be doing the dance of portfolio analysis with ease.

When viewing the investor portfolio the information presented is subtle yet robust. We don't stop at the portfolio level. Drill down into any single holding and get current detail on the holding of interest, that must be something like what? Digital diamond?

The Finer Detail

  • 50+ Value Investors (did we mention?)
  • Portfolio Holdings
  • Snapshot Date
  • Period Covered
  • Asset Count
  • Company
  • Ticker
  • Number of Shares
  • Portfolio Weight
  • Reported Price and Current Market Price
  • 8 point Market Data and more...
  • Sample Investor Portfolio

    Warren Buffett Investor Portfolio Company: Berkshire Hathaway
    Investor: Warren Buffett Value Investor
    Portfolio Value: $128,787,110,000
    Stock Selection (3 of 49):
    1. KHC
    2. WFC
    3. DVA
    Bill Ackman Investor Portfolio Company: Pershing Square Capital Management
    Investor: Bill Ackman Value Investor
    Portfolio Value: $5,412,894,000
    Stock Selection (2 of 9):
    1. MDLZ
    2. ZTS
    Carl Icahn Investor Portfolio Company: Icahn Capital Management
    Investor: Carl Icahn Value Investor
    Portfolio Value: $19,804,653,000
    Stock Selection (3 of 19):
    1. AIG
    2. NAV
    3. VLTC

    You're Richr Then You Think

    Natively built for iOS and Android
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