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What Would You Pick?

Value Investor Listing What super power would you pick in the world of investing? Data aggregation? How about artificial intelligence (A.I.) to augment your own? With Richr Pro you get the power of A.I.

Data analysis is an multi-faceted and nuanced activity, Richr Pro enables access to a deeply analytical set of algorithms that coupled with key indicators freshly produces a worthy top 25. How good is it? Some of our own dev's have acted on the recommendations with very satisfying results.

What I Want is the Future!

Value Investor Search We understand and like you we want the future sooner than later! Context is key. The joy of software and algorithms is that we are only limited by imagination. Yet without context it's value diminishes proportionately.

A solid foundation has been set that allows for us to continue to build-out new features. As you utilize the platform it will grow. Yes, we have a handful of specific features on the road-map yet we want to hear from you, your feedback is key.

You're Richr Then You Think

Natively built for iOS and Android
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